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Chatuchak Oasis

Basic map.jpg

Part 1

Chatuchak Site Analysis

The site analysis provides a comprehensive overview of Chatuchak Park, situated in the northern part of Bangkok. The park is encompassed by a network of roads, offering convenient access from all directions through various modes of public transportation.

In addition to this preliminary analysis, I collaborated with my classmates to conduct an in-depth field work during our site visits. We observed several key aspects, including the ambiance, population density, presence of animals, vehicular traffic, and noise levels at different times of the day. Furthermore, we documented noteworthy objects and patterns in the vicinity.

combine map.jpg
selected site.jpg

For my project, I have selected a prime location situated at the corner of Chatuchak Market's entrance. This site boasts excellent accessibility, as it is in close proximity to the park, market, and children's museum. This combination creates an intriguing environment. Currently, the selected site serves as the art and painting zone within the market.

Part 2

Conceptual Design

In addition to offering clothing, accessories, and paintings, Chatuchak is home to a vibrant plant market that showcases a wide range of both native and foreign plants, with a particular emphasis on cacti. These cacti serve as a great source of inspiration; however, it is unfortunate that local shops can only accommodate them in small pots. The growth of cacti in Thailand is limited due to the distinct climate conditions, preventing them from reaching the same size as their counterparts in their native habitats.

To enhance the existing green space, my project proposes an expansion from Chatuchak Park to encompass the adjacent market area. This expansion, however, will feature a completely different plant selection compared to Chatuchak Park. The focus of my project is the creation of a cactus and succulents botanical garden within the humid tropical climate of Bangkok.

cactus world map.jpg
conceptual plan.jpg

In my project, I aim to showcase renowned cactus species from various parts of the world. The world map above highlights the native habitats of cacti and succulents across different continents. For instance, it includes iconic species such as the Saguaro from Southwest America or the Baobab from Africa.

Drawing inspiration from the world map, I have incorporated the geographical colors into the conceptual design of my building. The project intends to capture the essence of a desert, emphasizing the aridity amidst the humid tropical climate of Chatuchak.


The building itself offers a unique and contrasting experience in contrast to the lively atmosphere of the nearby market. As soon as visitors step inside, they will be greeted with a refreshing, relaxing, and pleasantly surprising ambiance. The conceptual plan on the left illustrates the range of emotions that visitors may experience at different spots within my project, expressed through the use of text emojis.

Part 3

Architectural Proposal

The distinct shape and sharpness of the cactus served as a key inspiration for the design of the roof. This inspiration ultimately led to the development of a dynamic tensile structure. The choice of a tensile structure has multiple advantages, particularly in relation to the growth of cacti. Its design facilitates the entry of ample natural light, which is essential for the healthy development of these plants. Additionally, the tensile structure offers significant benefits within the context of Bangkok's climate. It provides shading, creating a large shadow that helps mitigate the intense sunlight, and the fabric membrane used in the structure effectively blocks harmful UV rays. Furthermore, the versatility of the tensile structure enables flexible planning, allowing for greater freedom in the design process.

roof plan.jpg
floor plan.jpg

Visitors have multiple entry points available to them when accessing the building. As per the plan, one entrance is located on the left side, allowing visitors to seamlessly transition from exploring existing Chatuchak market to entering the Chatuchak Oasis.

Upon entering, visitors will encounter an Oasis café and a versatile space that serves as a cactus farmer market. The front entrance boasts a captivating climbing net designed in line with a desert theme, creating a playful atmosphere. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to admire a cactus nursery and engage in workshops within the same space.

Stepping further inside, visitors will be led along a pathway that guides them towards two distinct temperature-controlled domes: the Saguaro of Arizona Desert and the Baobab of Madagascar Desert. These domes serve as captivating showcases, offering visitors a glimpse into the unique flora and environment of each respective desert.

sectional perspective.jpg

As visitors stand amidst the bustling Chatuchak market, their gaze extends towards the integrated landscape design that harmoniously merges elements of sand and a pond. This acts as a captivating visual pathway, gently guiding visitors from the market atmosphere into Chatuchak Oasis.

view from market render.jpg
Chatuchak Oasis.jpg

A captivating view of Chatuchak Oasis from the surroundings of Chatuchak Park. The building itself emerges as a remarkable tensile structure, embracing the enchanting desert domes within its structure.

While the building remains closed during the night, it transforms into a radiant lantern, illuminating the surrounding area with a captivating short cactus documentary. This feature adds an enchanting element to the atmosphere, offering visitors and locals a unique activity and public space within the lively  Chatuchak night market.

night time render.jpg
interior render.jpg

As you enter Chatuchak Oasis, you'll be greeted by a captivating area showcasing a cactus nursery and workshop. Here, visitors have the opportunity to learn firsthand from a professional cactus grower, acquiring the skills to cultivate their own cactus crop with expert guidance.

Moving further into the oasis, you'll discover the Saguaro dome, a magnificent structure that transports you to the enchanting desert landscape. Adjacent to it, a net playground beckons, inviting playful exploration and adventure for visitors of all ages. And when it's time to relax , a charming café awaits, offering a delightful respite amidst the oasis's serene surroundings.

Prepare to be transported into a world unlike any other as you step inside the Saguaro of Arizona Desert within Chatuchak Oasis. This remarkable dome offers a truly unique and alien-like experience, one that has been previously unseen in Bangkok. Within its walls, you'll encounter a breathtaking display of giant cacti and an array of succulents sourced from diverse corners of the globe. Bangkok residents and visitors alike will be captivated by this extraordinary opportunity to witness the majestic beauty of these rare botanical wonders.

saguaro dome.jpg
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